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Costa Rica is a relatively peaceful country. In the southern area where these lovely ocean view properties are located, there is very little crime. The project managers currently employ over 125 people, many of whom are on-site every day of the week.

From the day this project got underway - almost 17 years ago- there has never been a brick missing from any of the development’s construction sites. Even so, home owners will still feel the need for overall peace of mind and security.

The project staff and employees are required to keep a watchful eye out for any unauthorized, uncommon or suspicious activities in the area. If anyone who doesn’t belong were to step on the development sites, management and security would be notified very quickly. Hand-held radios are a part of the management team’s equipment, ensuring that they can communicate efficiently with each other and with the crews of workers, maintenance and security personnel under their separate jurisdictions.

Although squatters may have been a problem years ago, they no longer are.  Even by some miracle, if a modern-day squatter did manage to settle on our ocean view properties for a long period of time, all the communities are staked and gated. So under Costa Rica's trespassing laws, potential squatters would be removed immediately by the security staff and the local police, with whom the project has an excellent rapport. The local police are always on the lookout for any suspicious activities.

Suspicious activities demanding action by security personnel or police are extremely rare. But in Costa Rica, as everywhere else, follow the general rule: it’s always best to insure your home.